NBA 2K22

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an NBA star? We have a great surprise for you – it is possible with NBA 2k22! This thrilling basketball simulator will allow you to build a breakneck career of a super player. If you played this series before, you know it offers several different modes. But in this chapter, the authors made the main focus on MyCareer.


You will agree that nothing can be more exciting than becoming an NBA legend! So let’s get started? The very first step is to build your character. You will have plenty of options to choose from – a wide range of body types, facial features and hairstyles to come up with a unique player. The next task is to decide on your position on the field. You can always return to this stage and change the parameters of your hero. Now, your incredible career starts! You will have to select a college from the ten variants offered here. And soon after it, you will enter the NBA world. Of course, you will start your path from the bench of reserve players. To progress, you must first prove that you really deserve it. You will have to achieve a certain rating level in many games, as well as go through many hours of training with the head coach. And even then, it may be some time before the coaches decide to finally include you in the team. In this new chapter, MyCareer is more interactive in this latest release. After you complete the main story, you will be able to enjoy lots of additional events. Start completing different side missions in different parts of the city. You will find fully refreshed locations and lots of new content.

New history of NBA

Once a player enters the league, he will immediately dive into a flow of difficult situations – you will have to get along with coaches, general managers, agents and the media. You will have to learn to manage conflicts and gossips. In the first season of the NBA, players will have to make many difficult choices, and each choice will have advantages and disadvantages. It will fully depend on your actions how your career and personal brand will develop. Try to find the most effective way to achieve NBA fame. At the same time, always be ready to put up with consequences of your choice and correct your mistakes. Besides your main basketball activity, take time to explore the city and new locations. You can get a new luxurious apartment here, walk around and make friends! Do not miss to try this game in the multiplayer mode.

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