Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2

It’s always fun to play basketball, even though online. Thanks to the latest computer technologies and graphical engines, it all looks just like in real life. And there is basically no different whether you’re doing it on your computer or at a real court – you can get the same gripping emotions. These emotions can be even more fascinating if the players in your team are from Nickelodeon cartoons!

Popular characters

You surely remember them – Arnold, Cat Dog, SpongeBob and other characters will join your team and try to win all the matches under your watchful guidance. Twice as much color and fun – that’s what is waiting for you in this game! You will be able to feel the atmosphere of a thrilling basketball contest and try different tricks trying to maximize your score and outmaneuver the opponents. It’s going to be an exciting and amazing experience that will make you return to this game over and over again! Start your journey up the ranks of Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2, enjoy the incredible visual side of the gameplay as well as the dynamics and realism of what’s happening and improve your basketball skills together with your favorite cartoon heroes!

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