Basketball Shooting Challenge

Can you feel the thrill of leading the ball across the court while several of your opponents are trying to take it away at once? The crowd is cheering, you’re nearly at a throw distance… A few more seconds – and the ball will fly right into the basket! Those who were lucky to savor a moment like that even once won’t be able to resist the temptation of playing Basketball Shooting Challenge!

Best victories

This game offers a really immersive and versatile basketball experience. You’ll be stunned with incredible graphics – all the players look and move just like real people, there is a lot of attention to details and even secondary elements of the environment are designed on a high level. Even watching what’s happening on the screen will be a pleasure, say nothing of directly participating in it! The physics is also well-implemented and really lifelike, and you need to consider that while moving around the field and throwing the ball. There are plenty of tricks you can learn here and they will surely help you deal with the opposing team if you use them wisely! Start playing this great game right now and plunge right into the thrilling whirlpool of matches and victories!

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