NBA 2K20

Are you fond of basketball but have no time to enjoy it in real life? There is great news for you – now you can play it at any time and from any place. Just open NBA 2k20 and get started! It is not only an excellent simulator of this kind of sport but also great online entertainment with an interesting plot. The protagonist of the game is a dark-skinned young man named Che.


He has just graduated from the college graduate. But basketball remains his main passion since childhood. So the guy decided to realize his main dream and break into the NBA. So, you will be helping this hero build his sports career in this story. In this chapter of the series, the developers introduced a new way of character modification. Now, you will not be able to use the standard archetypes. Instead, you will experiment with a set of skills – pump the character to become stronger as you proceed in the game. You will not get a super powerful basketball player – you will need to create the personage from scratch. So lots of work awaits you in this respect. Also, you will meet other charismatic characters – actor Idris Elba and basketball legend LeBron James. The main hero will get acquainted with both and exchange experience with them. The game has been designed with special attention to all details, and all basketball matches are very close to real-life. You will be impressed by the high-quality of physics. Do not worry if you have no experience.

For the beginners

The beginners can enjoy an advanced training mode. You will be shown how to throw the ball, how to correctly block the opponent, how to move across the field and many other important nuances. Each detail is described with maximum clarity and you will master it with no effort. While you will be helping the main hero to make the career, you will enjoy a lot of thrilling moments and explore plenty of interesting map scenes. The entertainment comes with many different modes that are convenient for training and playing with a friend. You can also switch to a multiplayer regime. NBA 2K20 is an exclusive opportunity to play basketball while sitting on your favorite couch.

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