Shot Shot

In this game you have to demonstrate all your skills in 3d basketball game. You have to train and improve your abilities. Make your best basketball basket shots. Try to become a basketball champion and develop your sports skills. Beat all the records of other participants and become the best player in the world.

What awaits you in this game?

You have to aim and throw the ball into the basket to earn as many points as possible. In addition, you can improve your game ball and buy a new game tool. Try to be accurate, fast and alert at the same time and also think carefully about your throw to get right into the basket. Remember that you have a limited time for your throws, so try to invest and score the most points. This game will definitely pull you in from the first click, because the gameplay is very interesting and you can spend an unforgettable time while playing. Time will fly by unnoticed by playing this sports game by throwing the ball into the basketball basket.

How to play?

Everything is very easy to use and therefore every player will figure it out the first time. Choose a ball and start throwing the ball. You need to quickly direct the ball so that it flies and hits the basketball basket. The main thing is to choose the correct trajectory of the ball, calculate the required throw force and release. With each level, the gameplay becomes more difficult, but more interesting. Get started and beat your own basketball records in this exciting game!

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