It’s time to test your football skills in the new version of the FIFA 23 sports simulator. It’s time to advance your career in football and take part in exciting new matches with your friends. Play on the same field with famous football players and try to be equal with them. Use your own technique during matches and lead your team to victory. Become a real football celebrity and the leader of your team. Try to top the leaderboard.

What awaits you in this new version?

You have to assemble your best football team, but this time there are a lot of innovations. For the first time in the game, women’s club football will be presented, which will consist of four leagues. In addition, new competitions have now been added, such as the World Cup in which you have to compete with other football clubs. Choose your role in the team yourself and manage your player. Train and improve your technique for championships. Learn to act as a team and understand each other, because this is the most important thing in football after technique. Try to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team during each match. Become the best football club in the world and the most famous football player.

New opportunities

An innovation awaits you, because this time you can participate in football matches with friends from other platforms. You will experience new gameplay technologies and all available improvements. You have the opportunity to play your football matches in a new mode with incredible realism. You can also find out more information about the players with whom you participate in matches or compete on the field.

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