NBA 2K21

All fans of the NBA series are invited to a new release – NBA 2k21. It comes with lots of improvements and new plot details. Are you ready for an exciting adventure in the fabulous universe of NBA?

New mode

This time, you will be offered a new story in MyCAREER mode. Your hero is a high school player who receives an invitation to one of the ten thrilling programs. It is an open road to the most prestigious basketball league! Will you be able to use this opportunity and make a breakneck career in the world of sports? All the cut-scenes are so well-thought-out and interaction with other characters is so detailed and engaging that you will immediately immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of the basketball universe. You will also need to work on the style of your character – make him a style icon with exclusive outfits and sneakers from your favorite brands. Alternatively, you can opt for MyTEAM mode. Here, you will be able to create the team of your dream and compete with players from all around the world. The 2K21 release, the developers added a new feature – you will be able to participate in time-limited seasons and win unique rewards! All wins bring tokens and game currency known as MT. It can be used to buy loot boxes, as well as to purchase specific players or items in the store. And of course, you will enjoy new neighborhood – now you are able to have really thrilling matches on the beach! MyLeague mode was not much modified compared to the previous chapter and remained pretty much the same. The developers did their best to create an easy-to-learn basketball entertainment even for beginners. At the same time, they allowed experienced players to fully demonstrate their talent.

AI elements

They will be able to use lots of adjustable parameters and implement them in all game modes. You can equally enjoy playing against the computer or with your friends. You will love improved graphics, AI elements, variety of game modes and a stunning soundtrack. This new chapter keeps pushing the boundaries of imagination, demonstrating yet again how realistic the online basketball may be on the screen. You will have an exclusive chance to feel all the intensity of the NBA matches and participate in them! Open the amazing world of basketball right now!

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